Nike Swim: pattern development

This print was inspired by the athlete's needs in my Nike Swim: Before, During, and After project. 

Nike Swim: Pattern Development


This pattern was created for my group Nike Swim line project. The Nike Swim line is focused on competitive diving  for female high school divers moving to college teams. The line's design was driven by the concept of competitive diving swimwear imitating fashion swimwear. 


Concept Design

The pattern took inspiration from crochet, lace, crazy lace agate, and marbled patterns.



The agate pattern and shape gave the movement similar to the look and feel of many activewear designs while still following fashion swimwear styles and patterns. 

The lace developed into a rose pattern that was geometric and simplified. 



Our athlete for the Nike Swim line is very focused on her future and working towards her dream of being on the US Olympic team. To get there she must join the right college team and work hard for her place. 

To show her commitment, her swimsuit's basic colors are inspired by the top two women's diving team colleges who's colors are red, grey, and black.

To keep with fashion swimwear, crazy lace agates were used for the color inspiration. 



I took the new color pallet and changes in the Nike swimwear line and combined these ideas to create a new background that had a stronger connection to athletic wear and the swim line color ways. 



The shell style pattern developed while attempting to recreate a design from the Nike swimwear line that could only be accomplished through a pattern. 

The shell pattern continued to evolve with inspiration from the first pattern making a rose like shape that had an edgy feel of sportswear, with strong, feminine characteristics. By the end of the process, the pattern had developed into three different patterns which could be used in different ways. The large shell met the needs of the swimsuit design and the rose pattern gave a repeating print that would  be cohesive and strong for the line. 

If you would like to see the development of the Nike Swim line and how this pattern was used, check out my Nike Swim: Before, During & After page.